Monday, December 1, 2008

In my daughter's eyes

My sweet Emy is everything I ever wanted to be and more. She's sweet, caring, incredibly sensitive, fun, silly, beautiful in the most natural ways, sassy, and compassionate. She is everything that is right in this big and often brutal world. She is sugar and spice with a bit of sass and spark tossed in for good measure. She makes me want to be a better everything. Both of my girls do, in fact.

Emy came to us as a surprise arriving just 10 1/2 months after our wedding and a mere two weeks before my Nana passed away. She was, I believe, brought down on the wings of angels. I still tell her this. She even has a birthmark which is very clearly an 'E' on her back. She was marked and delivered directly to our family for a very specific reason. She brings joy and wonder to each day. And often when I look at her, my breath catches. She has shown me and continues to show me what a wonderful world this can be. She and Mags are my everything.

Here's my shining Emy from April of 2003 at age 6. How is it possible that she will be 12 in March?


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