Friday, November 14, 2008

And then I smacked myself silly.

Today I am forced to accomplish something other than reading the 3rd Twilight book "Eclipse." The reason I am foced to do this is because Ms. Mail Lady did not bring me a box from yesterday. I cursed that damn woman as she walked past our big front window. Oh, how I despised her for not having the box which contained my last two precious books. I know it's not really her fault, but she was the only one I could glare at as I thought "WTF? How am I to live without my vampires??".

And then I smacked myself silly.

It's clear that I've lost it internets. When you are standing with an evil glare on your face condemning Ms. Mail Lady for not delivering your vampire books, when you are trying to figure out how you will survive without your's obvious that you've crossed a dangerous line.

But she had BEST have that box today!

So, I must do all the things I've been neglecting in order to sit and devour book after book. There's laundry, a paper for school, dusting, vacuuming, grocery shopping, and so much more. And *sigh* I suppose I can manage to struggle through it all without Edward and Bella.

But she had BEST have that box today!

Leaving ya'll with one of favorite pics from Vanity Fair Twilight cast photo shoot:


Now internets, just look at those smoldering vampire eyes and tell me you don't wish you were a cold blood yourself?!

Hell, he can bite me any day!!
One week til the movie's out!!


Kat said...

You know... one of my good friends writes Vampire books, and I COMPLETELY understand how you feel. Right now I'm not speaking to her because she's not letting me read the next one until she has someone else edit it first. Its really not fair.

Twisted Branches said...

Oh, I would be so ticked at her! LOL It's a strange thing to love/lust vampires. Like I said, I clearly crossed a dangerous line between sanity and crazy. ;0) Good thing I'm a psych...I'll just fix myself. LOL