Sunday, November 23, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcasts...

It's been a busy weekend and that's putting it extremely mild. I missed a post for NaBloPoMo yesterday...*OH NO!* But I promise to make it up to ya internets.

Here's a brief round-up of the not-so-innerestin things I've been up to:

~ I let the dogs in and out about a million times
~ I searched and searched for the perfect laptop and then hunted it down in store.
~ I shopped til I dropped
~ I cleaned the house top to bottom and did 12 loads of laundry
~ I took care of Little Miss Pneumonia (the phrase High Maintenance is NOT even close)
~ I grocery shopped
~ I saw Twilight and desperately want to see it again

All of this and more in about 2 days. I still have tons to do, but I'm not all that interested at getting any of it done. LOL I do need to purchase a new wireless mini mouse for the laptop. Touchpads and I? We don't get along all that well. I get frustrated when I can't get things precisely how I want them. OCD? Yup, I know. And I do believe I've admitted to that in an earlier post so THERE!

Tomorrow promises regular witty posting with plenty of blah blah blah stupidity and possibly some new photos. All depends on my level of motivation to run out and get a mini mouse. Chances of that are looking good today, but are subject to change at any given moment. ;0P

And internets? Never ever give two tween girls free reign of a high end mall. Never ever!

We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcasts.

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