Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fangs or Fur?

I can not stop reading these books.


Twilight Movie Pictures

These books are quite possibly the most incredible love story that I have ever read. I love Nicholas Sparks and he is, unquestionably, the master of heart wrenching romance. And, up until now, he was the only author that was able to make tears steam down my face as I held a book. Last night, as I sat reading New Moon, the second book in the Twilight Saga, I sobbed hysterically. I'm not ashamed to admit it either. Truly amazing. I hold firm to the belief that love should be like that for everyone (not just for vampires) ;0) .

The first book literally took my breath away. I felt such passion for Bella and Edward. Felt so very connected to their story and their love. Felt the same overwhelming passion. That is how love should be. All love ~ without question and without fail. The fact that he is a vampire makes him all the more loveable, appealing, and, best of all, dangerous.

I wasn't expecting to become so tied up in these stories. They were written with young teens in mind. Oh, but they are SO good. The writing is poetic and so descriptive...you swear you can hear his velvety smooth voice in your ear, swear you can feel his cold hand on yours, swear you are staring at him in amazement, as Bella did, as he sits in the meadow and sparkles (yes, sparkles).

I, for one, am proud to say that I like my men cold, dead, and sparkly.

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