Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgeve!

A conversation in our house a mere hour ago. First I need you to picture one girl in the kitchen and one in the living room screaming back and forth with me in between rooms suffering from a pounding sinus headache.

Mags: We should be off today too. It's the day before Thanksgiving.

Me: But it's not like Christmas Eve, dork.

Emy: No, it's Thanksgeve! The day before Thanksgiving. We should be off.

Mags: We should be off all of Thanksgiving weekend.

Me: ummmmmm, NO! That's not a good idea. Not. At. All.

Emy: It's Thanksgeve!

Me: You do know that sounds weird. Like, Thanks and skeavy put together.

Mags: I don't care what it sounds like, we should be off.

After this brilliant exchange I promptly shoved them out the door so that I could finish my last paper before they are home again. Because, guess what internets??? It's early dismissal yet again. LOVELY!

Also I have to mention that only here in the great Pocono Mtns are the schools closed on Monday. Why? Well, because it's the first day of DEER SEASON!! Makes perfect sense right. Truthfully it makes me a bit ill, but I'm in the minority on this one.

Have a great Thanksgeve,

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