Monday, November 17, 2008

Why don't you stay?

I have always been moved by music. For as long as I can remember, music has been a very important controller and motivator of feelings for me. I think this comes from my Dad. He has a beautiful voice which brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. He used to sing in a Bach Handel Chorale and when I would go with him to practice I would sit enthralled. Because when this big tough Marine opened his mouth, people would gasp. Just the other day, he spontaneously broke into song in the shoe store (lol) and a woman stopped and clapped.

These days I am drawn to country music more than any other genre. I like the stories that the songs tell and I love the raw emotion of the love songs. The men of country music are pretty ok too. ;0) Of course, I still like to rock out to some Nickelback and Def Leppard. I'm not a close minded music lover. In fact, Def Leppard rocked my 80's so hard that it took half the 90's to recover!

So in the mornings, I get up and immediately turn on CMT. The music instantly makes me feel alive. But there is one song/video which brings on the tears and sobs each time. Sugarland is one of my favorites. I've loved them since the days of "Baby Girl" when both my little ladies would sing it at the top of their lungs from the backseat. Jennifer Nettles voice is pure country perfection. Kristian Bush's voice moves me in ways I can't fully describe. It's a gravelly sound that I just love. And he has mad guitar skills to boot.

Here's the song which is my ringtone. The song which makes me tear up and sob each time. The song which I sing *badly* as loud as I can in the car. It's from the 'other woman's' point of view. The woman who is left behind when the wife of her lover calls him home. It's not conventional, but it is beautiful.

PS: 3 days 13 hours 26 mins til Twilight is in theaters as of this posting!!!

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