Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of November's Past...Part Deux

Oh my! Oh no! I didn't realize that I haven't posted since the 28th. I am sorry internets. I really am. Days have flown by and we've been super busy. It's been nice having Big Daddy home to help referee the girl's fights since Wednesday. Unfortunately he heads back to work tomorrow and they are STILL off! But, I do have a plan! We're going to head out to the movies to see "Bolt." How much fighting can be done in a dark theater?? I'm hoping none.

Aside from a bit of shopping, I've been organizing the house like crazy and donating tons of crap that we just do not need. The girls and I totally stripped the play room down and filled 3 (THREE!) bags for donation. I even managed to clean out our armoire which holds masses of linens and towels. And, OH HELL, do we need to get some new towels. LOL The girls room has been torn apart and organized too. I just have to tackle the computer desk which is home to Big Bess, our desktop. I hate cleaning that desk with a passion since it contains all of our household paperwork, Big Daddy's fire dept papers, and much more. I may find the motivation to tackle that on Tuesday.

And then? It's time to decorate for Christmas! Time FLIES internets! I promise more witty and interesting posting will resume once the ladies return to school. It seems they suck the genius right out of me!!

Here's a collage of Mags from November 2002. She's only 3 in this one and SO cute.


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